Travel Sometimes (Safely)

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Traveling is an interesting epxerience.

When you do something like this you encounter different personalities, it can be quite draining and sometimes entertaining.

I think that travel can help you to develop a sense of understanding the world around you.

Not everyone will want to travel, which is ok, everyone as choices #E40

Try to expiernce life, one day at a time, what more can you do? Would you want to do less?

As a person of the Brown, Black, Indigenous, BIPOC community, I think it is absolutely essential to travel.

We have to change the narrative that lies and says that we don’t travel, that we are not intelligent.

How can we be the first people on the planet, the highest form of evolution thus far for humanity, traveling from Africa across the globe way before Europeans ever did (until the Moors) and be taught in school that we are anything less than royalty?

You don’t have to be a King or a Queen, to be royal.

I am learning that royalty is shown in the way that you carry yourself, respect yourself and others, and the way that you love.

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Stay true to the game, play your best cards, you got this!

#I Dream #I Cultivate #I Create

Why traveling is beneficial to your growth!

Empowering youth through storytelling

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~ Peace

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