Spring Worm Moon

Hi Dreamers, Cultivators, and Creators!

May you be well.

Lately I have been quite the busy bee, and want to share with you some of what that means to me!

So, for starters, I bought a Xbox 360 gaming system off of someone who was moving from China. This was an idea of a survival buddy of mine who suggested I find something to help me to stay busy and not spending money spuriously(definitely had some splurging habits while abroad). This wasn’t such a bad idea, at the same time knowing myself it did turn out a little bad. Let me explain:

When it comes to video games or anything that I find enjoyable and fun, I can have quite to addictive personality. This meant, I wound up playing video games at hours that I knew I would regret towards the next sunrise (I was a homeroom kindergarten teacher with a growing class of 20-30 students). Oddly enough, I was fine throughout most of the day besides minor grouchy moments dealing with different aspects of my position (for example: cutting fruit and preparing them for the kids after their afternoon naps, not like I didn’t enjoy doing this for them, it was the repetitiveness of it on a day of little sleep and I felt like I was being watched which I usually was).

Anyways, the game that I was playing was worth it for me. The game I enjoyed playing was called Dishonored. Here’s an image of that game:

Man, I’m not even getting paid to write about this, but I did so enjoy the game. The ability to upgrade your character, the sort of knight/assassin type of theme to the game, the ability to learn about different methods of approach (stealth, no killing, vs. all-out murderer, or etc.) this game was my type of game. I enjoyed playing it and fighting to restore honor, I would like to see this game take on more main character diversity but upon research I have found that the other Dishonored have taken care of that.

That same buddy of mine, advised me to visit a Virtual Reality place and to give it a shot. It took me years to finally do this and when I did, I eventually started getting headaches. Sort of like how Dr. Mallory was in Space Force with Dr. Chan. Frankly for me, once upon a time, I have wondered about the possibilities of becoming trapped inside a virtual reality system. I suppose, watching Sword Art Online and other shows of this sort did not help.

Most recently I had bene preparing for a show with my Chinese colleagues and with my students. This show was the show of a long time (not lifetime lol) and as a part of being an ambassador for my culture I wanted this to go well. During the show we had a variety of performances: A teacher led dance performance, singing, theater/plays, musical instruments being played like the Guqin, and more…

This will be the end of my post, it’s funny when reading some of my old post. There is so much that can happen with some self-reflection, i’m looking forward to abundance, divinity, and righteousness, I am my dreams come true, the most optimal version of self.

This is an update of an old post! – December 28, 2018 7:18 am

We won the basketball game; first time we played together for almost a month 😎

Be strong my people, may the force/boogie be with you 🤓


Oh yea, and happy Worm Moon (Goose Moon, Eagle Moon, Crow Comes Back Moon)