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We offer the following services and more: Original Content Creation, Copyrighting, Proofreading, Songwriting, Voice Overs, and Book reading (for audiobook).

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Left: Money Talkin over there! It’s Lit!

Right: So what man, WE’RE legos..

Left: …I hope we are paired differently next time…

5 reasons to hire us ASAP

  1. In ancient times scribes created all manner of documents for Empresses, Queens, and Priestesses, not to mention their male counterparts. Why settle for less when you can get the best? ✅
  2. The media, restaurants, bus advertisements, and school based work, all requires viewers to be able to read. These various mediums were formed by someone who wrote or programmed the text. Every business could use a well-prosed writer. Look no further! ✅
  3. Need help writing that love letter to your secret admirer, how about a thank you letter to an employer or a job reference. As part of our scribal services, we will remind you of due dates and assist in creating the document you want and/or need! ✅
  4. Are you someone who notices grammar and punctuation mistakes? Maybe you are thinking who cares?! I guarantee you someone does, go ahead and send the document over to us via email to and we will proofread for you. The computer doesn’t catch everything! ✅
  5. Reason Number 5, simply put, I’m much cooler than a storm trooper, and I have a mind of my own. Don’t reach out to far away countries that you have never been to for writing assistance, contact your neighborhood scribe to get the job(s) done, correctly every-time. ✅
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