Story for Children

Tree Branch Little tree branch standing strong in the sandstorm. Wind rushing, lightning flashing, can you handle it? Little tree branch so natural so brown and green. A part of mother nature, tree branch you will be great. Monday I am going to create today. I am building my most favorite thing! After hours of […]

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The drawing

Imani Zambo sits on her couch. She has experienced some writing blockages lately, and is wondering how to get out of the funk. After doing some research online, she still doesn’t know what to do. Her paper started well, the assignment is to examine the human condition before commencement and after the completion of 4 […]

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Short Story – The Alligator

An alligator was strutting across a rocky path. The path is covered by an archway of leaves. These leaves belong to tall trees of various species, of which one is the palm tree. Look at the alligator go, walking and strutting, or is it simply walking with no strut? Do alligators strut, walk, or wiggle? […]

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