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All praises be to TMH, I am Moonshine🌖 (Buddha Moon), may you be well. Welcome to this space, Dream Cultivate Create LLC (D.C.C. or DCC interchangeably). I express the great evolving infiniteness of being.

Do you realize how great you are? Did you know how exceptional and worthy you are? Think about it, beautiful human, what did it take for you to get here at this very moment that you are reading this?🧘🏿‍♂️

If you trace your personal story, you experienced various events as a being on this planet, but how far back are you going?

Let’s go back to the sperm cell, that traveled from baba through those natal waters of the divine womb of mama 🌊. That cell manifested into the BEING that you have become at this point, MILLIONS of cells(selves) fought their way to BEing and YOU are the ONE who made it here, YOU are VICTORIOUS! 🙏🏿

Little brown boy, black boy, indigenous girl, African child, whatever they have called you, you are glorious and beautiful! ✊🏿🤲🏿

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Mission: D.C.C. empowers beings through storytelling. D.C.C. (est in 2018) is a creative space originally founded in order to build a writing portfolio for its author(s). Throughout this time, DCC has began to center its focus on: lightheartedness 🕊️and honest self reflection🪞, research upon particular topics and creating quality, timely, and quantity posts. ✍🏿

May we be guided, honored, and protected while diving deep within the current consciousness of Indigenous/Afrakan/African/Black/Brown Earth/Being experiences, as well as shifting the narrative of what we have been taught vs. what we are beginning to remember in order to experience harmony and high vibrations. D.C.C. bases itself on Indigenous Art and Kulture, Afrofuturistic ideologies, and “doing the work” (spiritually, mentally, and physically).

Vision: We are manifesting that D.C.C. is a TOOL of WELLNESS for ALL Natural Beings; D.C.C. leads to building, strengthening, and training in: benevolence, eloquence, spoken word, poetry, debates, storytelling and more. While addressing wholistic health, advocating for Mother Earth, and honoring our Ancestresses/Ancestors, Creatress/Creator.

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Enjoy the free resources and material that you find on our website. If you use anything from here please remember to give credit where credit is due!

Be excited for my upcoming projects and+or our upcoming partnership/project!

“Sometimes, the truest version of me comes out when I let my pen bleed”

Buddha Moon ~ Sometimes ~ 2019

Creative writing is a blessing in this life. From stories, to songs, essays, letters, and more, writing has arranged the way for constructively and communicatively controlling the narrative.

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