Payment – Poem of Tha Day

My greatest achievement will be my family and earnest efforts. I will love fearlessly and with a warm heart. The happiest moments in my life have occured when I have had family around. Family is a friendship. I have feared love because I have feared myself. No longer will I allow fear or uncomfortableness to […]

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Poem of Tha Day – Everyday

Everyday is a challenge Everyday has its test Everyday I breath happiness Everyday is a challenge Everyday has its test Everyday I am thankful Everyday is a challenge Everyday has its test Everyday I am confident Everyday is a challenge Everyday has it’s test Everyday I breathe in life. Everyday is a challenge Everyday has […]

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Basketball – Poem

The sound of it striking the ground Bouncing up and down Up and down There’s something about that sound. The sounds of the net when a shot goes in No rim, no backboard, all net Swish, pure shot like water…wet Basketball is my favorite

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The Fifth Day – Poetry

It was on this day that I went out, out of the mystical beyond, out of the soft and warm, out of the dry and familiar, out of the dim lit temple, where amber and pink hues glow, further promoting the atmosphere, out of the vibrations of we, and into the vibrations of me, somewhere […]

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Poem of the Month – Dreamer

I’m a dreamer! When people see dreamers, they wonder what is the secret to dream fulfillment. Dream realization occurs when we work consciously towards our dreams. The state of mentality that humanity often lives within is one of fear. Fear is the opponent of dreams. Because of fear dreams go unanswered and unfulfilled. An unfulfilled […]

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Poem – Sweet Orange

~ Ssnnniiiiiiffffff ~ At first my excitement came solely because of the love I had for the bonding moment. A chance to try a quality product homecrafted with love and purity. Alchemically formed by the personification of truth, love, time, and memory. Upon inhalation my olfactory system goes wild! It smells so delicious that I […]

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