10 Things All Young Black Men Should Know



My mother has recently rediscovered the internet, email, social media.  On regular occasions she will share things about black heritage with me.  I usually read them quickly and then put them aside.

This morning, however, she shared a pretty good one titled “10 Things All Young Black Men Should Know“.  If anything, I would amend the title so that it’s “10 Things All Black Men Should Know.”

Take a gander at this list, especially Alex Hinton, and chew on it for a bit.

  1.  Know that you are a young Black man in America and that means you are different than other Americans.  While you can still realize your dreams, you might have to take a different path.  You will have to be more careful, more thoughtful and more aware than others to survive in America.
  2. Value education, learning and reading.  The more and better you can read…

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3 thoughts on “10 Things All Young Black Men Should Know

    1. Peace and blessings, my mum js a great source of wisdom. However these words on the post are ones that I forwarded from another website. Many thahnks for the feedback, this sort of knowledge I want us to all be able to share and have.


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