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May the most high creator of all things be with us all-ways, many thanks to my ancestresses and ancestors, many thanks to grandmama and grandaddy, many thanks to my mama and dad, much love and thanks to my indigenous/aboriginal brothers and sisters, I love my energy and energy family, allow me to love with an open heart that is free from fear and lower vibrations, may I transcend, transform, and ascend!

Here goes:

Another post, but will it live up to what I aim to do here on this planet?

Recently I listened to a speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. about “Leaving Your Blueprint.” I hope that I would be worthy of writing about this topic as it is an honor that the most high creator would allow a being like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other’s of his carnation generation to live on Earth. As a man, I am looking to improve daily; I am looking to perfect and/or master certain aspects of myself. However to do this I dare say that I must do the work!

During this speech Dr. King, brings life to the idea of being the best at what you do. Dr. King suggests that if you are a street cleaner, be the best street cleaner that the world has ever seen. Be such a great street cleaner, clean the streets as well as Leonardo Da Vinci painting a picture or Maya Angelou writing a poem.

He goes further with this idea and I am noticing that a lot of great women and men suggest this. Recently I posted a speech by Denzel Washington referring to a similar concept about being the best at what you do, offering your talent to the world.

What productive “thing” do you do well, what thing do you do best!?

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What is my Blueprint?

Focusing on this question, I will begin with my own blueprint, hopefully this will prompt thought within you to achieve greater achievements. As a boy, I was not the one who could do anything that he wanted. I was disciplined my a military father who instilled within me a willingness to do well in school. Doing well in school, was the difference between being able to hang out with friends, getting punished, or doing anything fun. Work before play was instilled into me at a young age, although this was at times traumatic, I was able to gain the strength and talent of writing and creating with words.

My journey with loving writing started early. I am wanting to recall exactly when it all started to click for me. In Kindergarten we were practicing our numbers, writing, reading, and singing. Then in Elementary school I grasped reading various books assigned to us for class in order to get accepted to the pizza party and Star Trek parties that Mr. Ray would have. Life was good, the food was tasty, the soda pop and star trek was an absolute treat (albeit not the healthiest but I didn’t care!), and I was quickly advancing my lexile level. A few years later, I can recall my English Literature teacher in 5th – 7th grade who told me that I was a brilliant writer but my handwriting needed improvement. This wouldn’t be the first time I was given advice about legibility or my inherent writing skills.

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Giving thanks

I am thankful that in 5th grade one of my teachers began training us on using the keyboard, which isn’t effected by legibility. In middle school (which was from 5th-8th grade where I lived) I had the opportunity to write for a competition, I believe it was a school-wide competition or maybe something at the local Base Exchange (BX) where I wrote something to win a book from the Harry Potter series “The Chamber of Secrets”. For this competition I believe I wrote about my love for my mother, which resulted in me not only winning the book but upon reflection, earning a confidence in my writing ability.

Winning this book was a great reward for me because of many connections that I felt were shared between Harry Potter and I; such as:

1. Harry’s name was Harry James Potter, I loved that Harry had the name James my first given name is James.

2. Harry had a uniquely shaped scar on his face, while I also have a birthmark. 

3. Harry was born in August, Leo love (not sure if Harry is Leo or not but August is our month lol).

4. Harry’s first movie where he started at Hogwarts in 2001 was also my first year in Middle School, 5th grade.

The book tells a story of love above all, the power of love over the power of selfishly wanting power. It’s a great series if you have not had a chance to read it yourself.

Why do I write?

When considering why I write, I would have to review my website posts, review different essays, poems, songs, and other mediums. When reflecting on what Dr. King advises about being the best at what you do, man, there’s much more that I can do!

When considering what has happened within my life, when accepting my truth, I feel that writing has served as a therapy for me. When I write I begin to release that of which has happened to me, such as trauma, a happy experience, or a great idea. When I release something to share with others or to keep for myself I feel as if I am being a productive part of human consciousness. As a writer, if I was listening to Dr. King, if he was directly in front of me I am sure that the effect of his words would be profound.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. I have only viewed Dr. King on videos, never having the opportunity to meet him in person. Dr. King was an activist, a family man, a true being who developed, he had his vices as we all may have but he also represented positive progression within American society especially in the other Amerika. I was afraid once of speaking up, voicing my opinion, of being judged or being considered weird.

As I grow and mature, being weird may have been the very thing offering me a different path than my so-called friends. Here’s the definition of weird – c. 1400, “having power to control fate,” and by that meaning I am definitely a weirdo lol. Being wired differently has enabled me great adventures and experiences within my life, some I judge as positive some and some as negative based on my principles and the principles of my culture and tribe.

As a writer I am able to share these experiences and adventures, as a writer I can bring you there with me, I paint pictures with my words in the same way that a chef makes art with his recipes. We all have a story to share, one of my chosen methods of sharing is through writing.

I write to inspire, I write to reflect, I write to share, I write to vent, I write to record, I write to create, I write because it is my gift from God, the most high. These are only 7 reasons why I write why do you write or do you write?

Why do you write?

Do you know why you first started writing? Can you remember when you first learned to write or in some cases (like calligraphy) draw. (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, is the act of creating calligraphy writing or drawing?).

Did you begin writing in school because of assignments? Did you start writing because of a family member who is incarcerated and you want to communicate with them? Maybe you want to write a love note to someone that you admire? Did you write to join social media?

Writing is interwoven within our daily societal functions; it’s challenging for the modern human being or any earth being not to be affected by writing in some form. Oral history traditions exist within indigenous and aboriginal communities. These vibrations (soundwaves) were shared to and through certain members of a community and passed down throughout lineages. It is in my opinion that part of the old way if not “the old way” was dealing with oral stories. However another part of our trustory and knowledge deals with writing. When considering European history, Indigenous trustory, or Galactic universal truths, the truth is a treasure worth seeking; through earnest effort, faith, and righteousness, maybe we will find it or remember it. Was it written down?

From the magnificent hieroglyphs, to the etched-in-stone biblical tablets, to the numerous ancient scrolls and texts; from website domains, to food brands, advertisements, and phone apps, writing is embedded within this matrix and reading becomes a useful skill.

Have you had to write for a school project? Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to write because you were unable to speak? Maybe a great idea sparked into your mind or a dream and you wanted to take note of it. Writing is a way of communicating, of storing, of sharing information and/or ideas.

Benefits of Writing for me

There are many benefits that I have found from writing. However I do want to address differences that I notice between handwriting and typewriting/writing through technology.

When handwriting I feel most connected to the words that I am pouring out from within. I notice that when I handwrite something it feels more imprinted within my memory cells vs when I type it up on the computer or on my phone. When typing I feel more connected than when I am on my phone, and as such I can see the beauty of giving someone a handwritten document vs an email or text message.

*Here’s a list of reasons why I enjoy writing:

1. Writing can be therapeutic

2. Writing helps you to organize

3. Writing helps to create perspective

4. Writing is a means to share information

5. Writing is a way to speak

6. Writing is a way to learn

7. Writing consistently can help you form discipline

8. Writing is free

9. Writing is a way to record

*Now with all of these pros to writing I just warm you of some of the cons about reading! When reading you just take precaution not to take everything you read as factual. We will discuss this further on our next topic, the cons of reading and the pros!

With these things having been written for the ethers of net to pass along (shout out to Masego), limitless frequencies of radiating love will pass along their way towards humanities inner eye, heart and brains computer/ mind.

Today was a fantastic day, thank you for coming. It is appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by:

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3 thoughts on “Leave your blueprint

  1. I agree when you say that we should do what we do to our best. Glad to know why you write and how writing has impacted your life, positively. As for me, i write beacause I have ideas I want people to get to know, I want to share my inner thoughts and views of life. As you’ve put it, I also find it easier manuscripting than typescripting. When I manuscript, it’s often as if my mind is connected directly to the pen, so that my thoughts easy come down to my hands and out in form of jotting. Usually, in such cases, I find writing enjoyable and the final product quite amazing. Thanks for noting this. And thanks too for sharing the pros and cons of writing. You’ve got such a brilliant mind! Keep writing, keep spreading this love. 💖💖💖


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