Netflix true story review: Spoiler alert

On today, this Monday the day went well.

As I sit on my knees, I feel the layers of carpet that are beneath me. While leaning over onto my bed, my face and body are in position to type whatever comes to my mind. The great thing about writing is that, when capable you are able to come up with whatever comes to your mind. Today, I would like to get a little bit more focused on writing, let’s do a review of something. Hmm, maybe a book, movie, or a show?

Ok, let’s start with a show that I originally watched, Netflix Original SeriesTrue Story starring Dr. Wesley Snipes (Carlton) and Kevin Hart (Kid). Now is the time for a warning, SPOILER ALERT – This review will contain spoilers.

With that being said, let’s get started on today’s show review:

Kevin Hart, Wesley Snipes star in Netflix's True Story trailer |

For starters this show was rather disheartening for me; as you read this review you may gain an innerstanding of why I write this. The first episode is tied with the last episode, and the information that unfolds in between for this mini-series is interesting. What happens in this show is essentially, a rising star has to face some decisions that are in association to his older brother.

Carlton (Dr. Snipes) in this series plays as older brother to Kid (Kevin Hart); As the sunrise of this series, Kid starts of on a trip back to Philadelphia with his team made up of: Bodyguard – Herschel (William Catlett), Writer – Billie (Tawny Newsome) and Manger – Todd (Paul Adelstein). Kid’s story is similar to Mr. Hart in different ways as Mr. Hart is also a native of the City of Brotherly Love.

While preparing for takeoff, a stranger introduces himself to Kid’s team. We are soon to discover this stranger just so happens to be someone who is also sitting in first class with Kid’s crew (minus Billie, she’s actually sitting in his seat). This man then starts wanting to repeat some of Kid’s jokes.

Ironically enough the joke that this guy likes the most is one of those jokes that Billie wrote for Kid. The gentleman continues on for a while, using the word that he knows that he shouldn’t say, but he wanted to push for it anyways because he’s a “fan”.

This continued on for a short while until the joke seemed to be over and Herschel made sure it was shut down. Kid had a long awaited opportunity to spend time with his brother and his old local Philadelphia homies. Shortly before Kid decides to hang out with his brother and friends, Kid is warned by Todd, not to allow his brother to get him caught up in any old non-sense.

Kid acknowledges this advice from his manager and continues to go on and have a good time out (or so he planned for it to be). Shortly after this viewers will discover within the series important themes, such as: choosing your path, trying to do right vs trying to cover up mistakes, and looking for a way to re-center.

Wesley Snipes Responds to Marvel Rebooting 'Blade': 'It's All Good' |  Entertainment Tonight

Carlton is played wonderful by Dr. Wesley Snipes, his character is a major focal point within the story. Whenever he is out of the scene for a few moments you wonder, “Where’s Carlton at?,” then the next thing you know Kid will text him or Carlton will text Kid.

With all of this being said, you are probably wondering why or how this movie could be disheartening!

I’ll tell you how, the story seemed rushed, now considering it is called a mini-series it is excellent. Maybe that’s what I dislike about it, and that’s fine it’s my opinion! (I’m learning while writing this is fantastic). To me this story, I would have wanted it to last longer. To see a second season, but with the way this story was leading it seemed that wouldn’t last that long.

In the beginning when “major event happens” you will notice something that Kid did not do, I was able to guess a critical point within the story from that point forward. Seeing the two brothers communicate, struggle, and get through the various obstacles together was great to see. Always a pleasure to see our brothers prospering together (in reference to being paid actor’s)!

Within the movie, Kevin played the part of Kid rather seriously. The position for Kid throughout the story was one of a balanced being: he had his ups and downs, he had a serious side and dark side, was a comedian and child movie star, and yet had a very patient, forgiving, and loving alpha man side. Bravo!

Their are a lot of pros to this film, the character selection and roles made sense and were believable. Gene is an amazing piece of this stories puzzle, having him within the story added some balance to Kid’s character, and Gene wasn’t as I originally thought him to be, he was a realiable guy.

All in all, I recommend you to support the film because of the actors. Dr. Wesley Snipes is a legend to me and Kevin Hart came to my college once and he was really funny to me.

Thanks for reading through this review, let me know what cha think. Cheers!

Peace on Earth,

Buddha Moon

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