Mental Release

These rhymes released from my fingertips, create a world of manifestation.

In the future, starting as soon as one second from right now, we have a nation.

A paradigm of love, truth, innocence, and peacefulness, hip-hop at it’s finest.

Not concerned with past traumas, you should be, need to heal from them, our crew will fulfill that of the best.

A boom tap, boom tap, tap a boom, when we ride.

Tattoos on my chest, on my left and right side.

When I think about the hard times, feeling like I died.

Inside I feel like I had a hard time, but in actuality I just need to do what’s right.

Been hurt by my own decisions, allowing myself to be bruised by words of those, who tend to misuse.

What kind of treatment is this for a nephew, I’d rather not be around if I am dealing with you.

My happiness, comes from those around me, I source love throughout my actions and decisions.

War is a battleground, and everyday feels like a battle.

At any chance I could not quit

At any chance I’m not gonna let up.

Shout out to Da Great Yola they will never make me shuttup.

Too much time wasted on those who don’t care about my feelings or my pain, but those who love me the most I leave them to the side.

This mentality is a sickness, in many ways I’m so ill.

Music, my mom’s, and God are some of the first who taught me how to feel.

I miss Nina Simone, Etta James, and Billie Holiday, all of those whose lyrics kept it real.

Manifest manifest manifest 999.

My love match is love itself, my twin flame is divinity.

I’m focused on my growth, therefore anything outside of that is not welcome.

Manifest manifest manifest 999

I dream first, cultivate next, then creates..I’m the greatest me yet, heavens yes I’m on my way.

Shout out to iceberg and all dem, hopefully they living right, had a lot of fun listening to yahll when I wasn’t being bright..

That’s no diss to anyone outside of myself, the way that I was leading I’d be by myself..

Things are different now though, I’m learning to create yo, paving my own lane, using my own brain though.

I’m creating auric shields of love while envisioning wheelz of steel.

My time is here, so is yours, just take a look around.

I mean witness the Olympics, black greatness shown around the globe,

not matter how the USA wants to treat it’s own people.

Don’t listen to me though because shoot, what do I Kno.

I’ve been wrong many times, maybe I’ll be wrong tomorrow 2, but repeating the same mistakes isn’t something that I’m gon do.

Aboriginal, Indigenous, Black, Latinx, BIPOC sounds like a dream or movie,

Something you’d see on a screen, man when the truth cones out, I want to reign supreme.

As he his own royal highness by his own rights, never stole from anyone or blocked the sunshine.

He the legacy that created his own path, learned his own math, mastered his own craft, such a ways to go but my projection is upwards..

I finally realize how much of an honor it was to be considered a nerd.

~ Peace

Thanks for visiting,

#IDream #ICultivate #ICreate

Empowering the Youth through story and honest self-reflection.

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